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About The Hipokrates Hostel

Well, the name Hipokrates Hostel does not sound likea great place to make your stay while you are in Gdansk. Truths is, this is oneof the prime areas you can get top-of-the-line accommodation in this city. Thelocation is something that places you right in the middle of the city’s action.You are only walking distances to the top attractions here. There is a lot thatwill be going around, and you do not want to miss on such fun.

The rooms are designed to give you a home feeling.You will not be getting homesick in this place. With simple décor and adequatecomfort for guests, you have nothing to complain about what this hostel offers.You will have a desk inside your room. This is in case you will need someplatform to work from. If you do have some office work with you, it is easy toget it done in the midst of having fun. You will also have a closet to keepyour stuff.

Some of the rooms have a balcony. If you are lucky you will havesome spot to bask in and admire the beauty of the city when you do not feel likegoing out. There is also free Wi-Fi all over the property; itis very easy to keep in touch with your friends. You can as well send them picturesof you having fun. I’m sure next time they will want to take the trip with you.There is a city stadium 366m from the property.

Ifyou are lucky to be around during a match day weekend, you will experience acrazy crowd supporting their teams. Gdansk Shipyard and Gdansk Shipyard Museumare 1.8km out. You need a day to exhaust what these two attractions areoffering. The city’s medieval Old Town is 1.9km from the hostel. This is abeautiful place and it will be a shame if you leave here without visiting it.

Before your time is over here make sure you sampleas many dishes as possible. They do have a good taste for what they cook. It issomething that should add fun to your stay here. You should also try out the nightlifearound here. If you are the partying type, this place has plenty of joints tokeep you entertained. It is not a must you get drunk till you drop, there areplenty of things you can do for fun as you pass the night hours.
Last Updated: December 2019.

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